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Hey there, friend! I'm Sam, your go-to guide for exploring all the cool stuff Lombok has to offer. If you're up for an awesome adventure on this amazing island, you're in the right place! At Sam's Lombok Adventures, I'm all about showing you the best of Lombok's culture, nature, and traditions. Whether you want to climb Rinjani or check out some eco-friendly spots, I've got you covered! Let's hike up Rinjani together and find some cool waterfalls and villages along the way. Or maybe you'd rather chill and explore Lombok's beautiful landscapes without breaking the bank – I've got tours for every budget! No matter what you're into, I'll make sure your trip is totally customized to what you want. So whether you're an experienced traveler or just starting out, let's team up and make some awesome memories together. Ready for your Lombok adventure? Drop me a message and let's get started!


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Climbing Rinjani with Auriane and Virginie

A Story of Friendship and Perseverance, and an Invitation to Explore Lombok

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