Conquering Rinjani: A Two-Day Adventure with Jonathan, Eric, and Celia

A bright day greeted Jonathan, Eric, and Celia as they began their adventure climbing Mount Rinjani with me, Sam, as their guide. They chose a two-day climbing program with a shared package to get a more affordable price. After all the preparations were done, including food, drinks, camping gear, and other essentials, the three of us got ready from Senaru Village, where they stayed overnight before the climb, to go to Sembalun Village, the starting point of the climb.

Mount Rinjani, standing tall at 3,726 meters (12,224 feet) above sea level, is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, known for its stunning vistas, challenging terrain, and rich biodiversity. As we embarked on our journey, the imposing presence of Rinjani served as a constant reminder of the adventure that lay ahead.

Our journey began from the entrance in Sembalun Village, with steady steps and high spirits. We walked towards Pos 1, which took about 1.5 hours. Upon arriving at Pos 1, we took a short break before continuing to Pos 2, which was only about 35 minutes away. At Pos 2, our porters had prepared lunch for us, which we enjoyed before continuing our journey.

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Throughout the trek, I noticed that Jonathan, Eric, and Celia had similar physical conditions, which helped us maintain a steady pace without anyone being too fast or too slow. This ensured that we stayed together and supported each other during the climb.

Our journey continued to Pos 3, then Pos 4, and finally, in the late afternoon around 4:00 PM, we arrived at the basecamp or Crater Rim. There, our tents were already waiting for us, prepared by the porters for overnight stay and rest before we began the climb to the summit. The magical atmosphere atop the Crater Rim inspired us to conquer Rinjani's peak.

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The view from Rinjani's Crater Rim is simply breathtaking. From this vantage point, we could see the expansive crater with its turquoise lake, known as Segara Anak, nestled below. Surrounding the crater are lush green slopes dotted with wildflowers, creating a picturesque scene that's nothing short of mesmerizing.

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At 2:00 AM, we got ready to climb Rinjani's peak. Despite the challenging terrain, with strong determination, we successfully conquered the terrain and reached the summit of Rinjani after three hours of exhausting journey. Joy and happiness filled our hearts as we gazed upon the beauty of Rinjani's peak under the moonlight.

As we journeyed together, I couldn't help but notice the harmony among Jonathan, Eric, and Celia. Their similar physical conditions made our trek smooth and enjoyable. It's a reminder for fellow trekkers to consider the pace and abilities of their companions, especially in shared climbing groups.

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Choosing compatible fellow trekkers can significantly impact the duration and experience of the climb. It ensures everyone maintains a steady pace, avoiding situations where some are too fast and others too slow, which can lead to delays or discomfort.

So, for those planning to join a shared climbing group, I advise being mindful of selecting fellow trekkers whose pace aligns with theirs. This thoughtful consideration can enhance the overall experience, making the climb more enjoyable and efficient for everyone involved.

After enjoying the breathtaking view for a while, we returned to the basecamp, where our porters had prepared a warm breakfast for us. After breakfast and a short rest, we decided to continue our journey back to Sembalun Village.

The journey back to Sembalun Village took about six hours. We had lunch at Pos 2 before continuing the journey. When we arrived at Sembalun Village, our driver was already waiting to take them to their next destination, Kuta, where they planned to rest after the climb. Before parting ways, we celebrated the success of our climb, and they gave us tips as a token of appreciation for this amazing experience.