Climbing Rinjani with Auriane and Virginie: A Story of Friendship and Perseverance, and an Invitation to Explore Lombok

The first rays of dawn painted Senaru village in a warm orange glow, marking the beginning of our trek up Mount Rinjani. As an experienced guide, Sam, who has led countless climbers to the summit, I, along with my two trusty porters, Sandi and Arifin, were ready to guide Auriane and Virginie, a mother-daughter duo from France, on their 3-day, 2-night adventure to conquer Rinjani's peak.

Despite the age difference (Auriane being 28 and Virginie 59), both women exuded a contagious enthusiasm for the challenge. Virginie's unwavering determination throughout the climb was particularly impressive. Her strength surpassed that of some younger participants, a testament to her fighting spirit. The breathtaking scenery provided a constant backdrop as we navigated the trail, stopping at designated rest areas (Pos I and Pos II) where our skilled porters, Sandi and Arifin, prepared delicious meals for the group.

Reaching the crater rim in the afternoon, we set up camp and were rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Rinjani's peak, Segara Anak Lake, and the Baby Volcano. As we enjoyed a warm beverage and fried bananas prepared by the porters while soaking in the sunset, Auriane and Virginie reveled in this idyllic moment before dinner.

During a lull in the breathtaking sunset, I explained the next part of the plan: the pre-dawn ascent to the summit, commencing at 2:30 am. Virginie, with unwavering resolve, was determined to conquer the peak with her daughter.

The chilly pre-dawn ascent presented a different kind of challenge. I opted to wait for them slightly below the peak due to the temperature. However, to my admiration, both Auriane and Virginie successfully reached the summit before sunrise, allowing them to witness the breathtaking panorama of Lombok Island.

Following their exhilarating sunrise experience, they descended back to the campsite for a well-deserved breakfast. Overjoyed with their accomplishment of reaching the summit, they opted to forgo the descent to the lake due to time constraints. We then commenced the return trek to Sembalun village.

The descent took approximately 3 hours, with another delightful lunch break at Pos II. Upon reaching the starting point, our driver awaited to transport them back to Senaru village to collect their belongings before continuing their journey to Sekotong in West Lombok.

Guiding Auriane and Virginie on their Rinjani expedition was an unforgettable experience. Witnessing an older individual exhibit such remarkable strength and determination during their ascent of Indonesia's second-highest mountain is a testament to the power of human spirit. Their story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that age is merely a number, and with teamwork and a positive attitude, any goal, no matter how lofty, can be achieved.

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