4 Days Rinjani Summit Hiking Explore All The Main Spot Of Rinjani

Welcome to Sam's Lombok Adventures, where the beauty of Mount Rinjani awaits your exploration! I'm Sam, your guide to an exhilarating 4-day, 3-night journey through the stunning landscapes of Lombok.

Trek Overview: Start an exciting 4-day, 3-night trip to conquer the amazing Mount Rinjani, traversing through lush rainforests, open grasslands, and steep ascents to reach the Sembalun Crater Rim. Rinjani summit, rinjani crater lake, hot spring and Senaru crater rim. This chalenging trek promises breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences amidst the natural beauty of Lombok.

Who the Trek is For: This tour is great for people who want a relaxed holiday. It's good for families and those who want to take their time enjoying their vacation in Lombok. Families who like exploring together will also enjoy it. The trek is fun but also a bit challenging, so be ready for an adventure!

Key Points:
  • Relaxed Adventure: It's a calm trek where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Rinjani without rushing. It's perfect if you want to take it easy and enjoy the journey.
  • Challenging But Worth It: Even though it's relaxed, it's still tough. You'll need to be strong both mentally and physically. But the views and experience are totally worth it!
  • 4-Day Trip: The trek takes four days. You'll start in Sembalun Village and finish in Senaru Village. It's a full experience of Mount Rinjani's beauty.
  • Family-Friendly: Families can have a great time together on this trek. It's not too hard, and everyone can enjoy the stunning scenery.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to challenging, this trek requires endurance and determination to navigate through varying landscapes and ascend to the summit. Participants should be prepared for long hours of hiking and changes in altitude.

Complete Itinerary: Day 0: Arrival Day
  • Waiting for Your Arrival: We'll eagerly await your arrival at the confirmed location in any places around Lombok Island. (Harbors, Airport or some points in Lombok)
  • Transfer to Senaru: I or my team will then take you to the accommodation in Senaru Village where you stay a night to have a rest and get more explanation about the tour.
  • Check-In: Upon your arrival at the hotel, you'll complete the necessary payment and check-in to your accommodation.
  • Explore Senaru Village and Waterfalls: I or my experienced tour guide will accompany you on a leisurely exploration of Senaru village or the amazing waterfalls (conditional).
  • Evening Briefing: I will meet you and provide a detailed explanation of the hiking plan you've chosen.
Day 1: Driving from Senaru to Sembalun and start the hike to the crater rim (Basecamp)
  • Wake up at 6:00 AM and have breakfast at the hotel in Senaru.
  • At 7:00 AM, our driver will transfer you to Sembalun village (1,150m).
  • We will handle park registration and entrance fees in Sembalun (Rinjani National Park Office).
  • Start your trek with a 2.5-hour walk through open savanna with fantastic views of Mount Rinjani.
  • Lunch at Pos 2 (Tengengan, 1,500m).
  • Trek for about 3.5 hours to reach Sembalun Crater Rim or the base camp (2,639m).
  • Enjoy a great sunset and set up camp for the night, followed by dinner.

Note: On the first day, hikers will commence their journey from an altitude of 1,150 meters to 2,630 meters, ascending a total elevation of 1,480 meters. The trek will take approximately 7-9 hours, which includes breaks and lunch at designated posts along the climbing route

Day 2: Ascent up the summit from the basecamp than back and continue the journey to The Lake&Hot Spring and to Senaru Crater Rim
  • Wake up at 1:45 AM for an early morning summit climb.
  • Enjoy breakfast with hot tea or coffee before starting the challenging 3.5-4hour ascent.
  • Reach the summit at 06-08 AM, witnessing incredible panoramic views.
  • Descend back to the crater rim, taking about 2 hours.
  • Have breakfast and rest on the basecamp before descending to explore Segara Anak Lake and the hot spring creek.
  • Spend the afternoon at the lake, have lunch, and relax and set up the tent by the lake shore for the second night.

Note: Climbing up Mount Rinjani from the basecamp (2,639m) to the top (3,726m) is tough, especially because you have to walk in the dark. The path is dusty, rocky, and a bit steep. The hardest part is the last 500 meters before reaching the peak (3,726m). The path is full of gravel, making it slippery. It feels like taking two steps forward and one step back. This climb usually takes about 3-4 hours, starting at 2:00 AM and finishing around 6:00-8:00 AM.

After summiting Mount Rinjani and descending back to the crater rim/basecamp, the journey continues with a descent to Danau Segara Anak and the Hot Springs (2,004m), which takes approximately 2.5 hours from the basecamp. There, hikers can enjoy a well-deserved break, indulging in lunch and relaxation at the lakeside while rejuvenating in the hot springs.

This trek is considered relatively leisurely. Therefore, on the second day, there's no need to proceed to Senaru Rinjani crater rim/second base camp, but rather to stay overnight in the lake area.

Day 3: The lake (2,004m) to Senaru Crater Rim/Basecamp (2,641m)
  • Leave Segara Anak Lake at around 11:30 AM after a nice lunch. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to Senaru Crater Rim.
  • At 4:00 PM, reach Senaru Crater Rim (2,641m), a stunning viewpoint providing sweeping panoramic vistas. Establish camp for a cozy overnight stay and get ready to witness a spectacular sunset painting the sky with vivid hues

Note : On the third day of the trek, hikers will depart from Segara Anak Lake (2,004m) around 11:30 AM after enjoying a nice lunch. Taking in the beautiful scenery along the way, they will make their way to Senaru Crater Rim (2,641m) or the second basecamp. The journey takes approximately 3 hours. It's important to be cautious as the trail to the second basecamp is slightly steeper, but the incredible views make the fatigue and challenges worthwhile.

By 4:00 PM, hikers will arrive at Senaru Crater Rim (2,641m), a stunning viewpoint offering sweeping panoramic vistas. From here, you can admire the majestic Mount Agung in Bali, but the most captivating sights are the serene Segara Anak Lake and the towering summit of Mount Rinjani.

Set up camp for a comfortable stay and prepare to be mesmerized by a breathtaking sunset as the sky ignites with vibrant colors. Here, they will set up camp for a cozy overnight stay and prepare to witness a spectacular sunset painting the sky with vivid hues.

Day 3: Senaru Crater Rim to Senaru Village
  • Morning: Wake up early to savor your final breakfast on the Senaru Crater Rim, enjoying the magnificent sunrise views.
  • Packing Up: Break camp and prepare for the journey back.
  • Descent to Senaru Village: Begin your descent from Senaru Crater Rim/basecamp towards Senaru Village.
  • Forest Trail: Hike through lush rainforests, taking in the sights and sounds of this vibrant ecosystem.
  • Brief Stops: Pause at Pos 3 and Pos 2 for short breaks and to recharge.
  • Lunch at Pos 1: Enjoy a well-deserved lunch at Pos 1, where you can refuel for the remainder of the trek.
  • Return to Senaru: Continue your descent and arrive back to Senaru Village, where you arrive on the arrival day for the hike.
  • Program Conclusion: After arriving back in Senaru Village, your Mount Rinjani trekking adventure comes to an end.

Note: On the third day of your Mount Rinjani trek, you'll finish the climb. After breakfast, you'll hike down following the trail to Senaru Village, where your driver will be waiting to take you to your next destination in Lombok. During the descent, you'll take breaks and have lunch at certain points along the way, usually provided by the porters at Pos 1, about 400 meters from where our driver waits. The downhill journey usually takes about 6 hours, so you'll likely arrive at Senaru Village around 01:00-02;00pm. Along the trail to Senaru Village, you'll walk beneath towering trees, surrounded by lush greenery, feeling the cool breeze. You may encounter wildlife like black monkeys and hear the beautiful songs of birds, adding to the natural beauty of the trek.

  • Transportation before and after trekking (from/to pick-up points such as the airport, ports, or current hotel location on Lombok).
  • One-night accommodation in Senaru or Sembalun before the trek.
  • Entrance fee for Rinjani National Park and trekking insurance.
  • Local English-speaking guide and porters.
  • Trekking equipment (tents, toilet tents, mattress, mountain chair, trekking pole, glove, flashlight, pillow, or any requested gear).
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek.
  • Extra snacks, meals, and water (Bear Bintang on request).
What to Bring: :
  • Passport/identification
  • Travel insurance
  • Cash for tips (optional)
  • Lightweight rain jacket/poncho
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Insect repellent
  • Portable charger/power bank
  • Personal first aid kit
  • A positive attitude and a sense of adventure!
  • As you prepare for this incredible journey with Sam's Lombok Adventures, we want to ensure you have all the essentials for a safe and enjoyable trekking experience. If you find yourself missing any of the following items:
  • Comfortable trekking clothes (moisture-wicking, quick-drying)
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Sleeping bag (comfortable for low temperatures)
  • Backpack
  • Water bottles/hydration system
  • Snacks/energy bars
  • Personal toiletries and medication
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • Camera/phone for capturing memories

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. We can discuss your needs and make arrangements to provide any necessary equipment or guidance. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we're here to ensure you have everything you need for an unforgettable adventure. Join us on this epic 4-day adventure to conquer Mount Rinjani, experience its diverse landscapes, and create lasting memories in the heart of Lombok's natural beauty.

Please feel free to us for more information.If you belive it may be necessary you can also try to call or Whatsapp at +6287-8512-8615-7

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